"The Waste Industry's Biggest Secret"

Our Story

Family Owned & Operated

with over 17 years in the waste collection and recycling industry, F.F. Gomez has been recognized for their QUALITY, INNOVATION, and highest level of CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Founded in 1998, by Francisco Gomez, the company prides itself with their commitment to producing quality truck bodies and maintaining customer satisfaction. To ensure so, the Gomez family continues to play a heavy role in the day-to-day operations and front of the line participation. Rarely will you see the Gomez family in the office as you will see them out on the field; working with their customers and collaborating with their employees to heighten their production and guarantee excellence.

To maintain distinction, FF Gomez manufactures over 75% of their truck bodies in house. Offering state of the art technology and investing in innovative engineering, the company has been able to enhance production and take it to the next level. At FF Gomez you will not just experience high quality, you experience family commitment.

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Our Story

We Love What We Do

Driven by hard work and dedication, we strive to make all our projects right the first time, every time. We maintain a high level of standards and safety to make sure we can deliver the best every time.

From rolloff tucks, to alternative fuel sources, we put the same amount of care and attention to detail in every truck. We are constantly staying up to date with the latest efforts to go green.

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