"The Waste Industry's Biggest Secret"

Truck Bodies

At F.F. Gomez we provide a wide variety of refuse bodies specified to your needs

Rolloff Trucks

Our rolloff unit is surely a product that speaks for itself. From its heavy duty rear hinges to its hydraulic hoses and fitting, this unit is sure to give you years of trouble free operation. We also produce an equivalent LNG/CNG version of this standard industry work horse.

CNG Rolloff Trucks

CNG Roll Off with tanks mounted behind cab.

CNG Rolloff Trucks 1
CNG Rolloff Trucks 2

Alternative Fuel Units

F.F. Gomez, Inc has continued embedding it’s name in the industry by developing LNG/CNG compatible truck bodies.

Front Loaders

FF Gomez is setting an industry standard with our ultra-lighting weight and durable Front Loader Body. This unit provides a huge payload without the need of tag axle.

Smooth Side Front Loader

The F.F. Gomez Smooth-Side Front loader offers much more then stylish looks. The F.F. Gomez Smooth Style Front loader is simple to operate and simple to trouble shoot.

F.F. Gomez Smooth Style Front loader:

  • Legal payload of 10 tons on a 3 axle
  • Standard inside/outside controls
  • Standard LED strobe package on tailgate
Smooth Side Front Loader 1
Smooth Side Front Loader 2

Split Body

Save time and money with the durable F.F. Gomez Split Body. Able to do the work of two trucks at one time. With its innovative split hopper, dual packer blades and dual rear doors, this unit is perfect for those private and retirement communities.

Split Body 1
Split Body 2

Bin Trucks

You don’t have to be an eye sore to the city you serve anymore. Our bin delivery trucks (single & dual bin haulers) are revolutionizing the waste industry, not only with their heavy duty capabilities but with their stylish looks as well. From custom hydraulic cylinders to aluminum diamond plates, these trucks are eye catching work horses.

Bin Trucks 1
Bin Trucks 2

F.F. Gomez Super Ten End Dump

18ft HD AR 400 body
Stainless steel air lift tailgate
Stainless steel full fenders
With Push axle

F.F. Gomez Super Ten End Dump
F.F. Gomez Super Ten End Dump Back View

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